Faith Comes First

Faith Comes First

The Christian life has two dimensions: the first is faith, and the second is good works. A believer should live a devout life and always do what is right. But the first dimension of the Christian life, faith, is more essential. The second dimension, good works, is never as valuable as faith. However, people of the world adore good works. They regard them to be far higher than faith.

Good works have always been valued more highly than faith. Of course, it’s true that we should do good works and respect the importance of them. But we should be careful that we don’t elevate good works to such an extent that faith and Christ become secondary. If we esteem them too highly, good works can become the greatest idolatry. This has occurred both inside and outside of Christianity. Some people value good works so much that they overlook faith in Christ. They preach about and praise their own works instead of God’s works.

Faith should be first. After faith is preached, then we should teach about good works. It is faith—without good works and prior to good works—that takes us to heaven. We come to God through faith alone.

Dr. Martin Luther was born on November 10, 1483 and died on February 18, 1546 at the age of 62. He was Doctor in Bible at the University of Wittenberg and a central figure in the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century.

Luther, Martin, By Faith Alone. Iowa Falls, IA: World Bible Publishers, 1998.

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