Homeless – Journey to Chad

Homeless – Journey to Chad


Part 2 of 6

We are officially homeless. Not because of any hardships that cause many to be homeless, but we’re still homeless. This is how it’s going to be for the summer. We’re spending some time with Mandy’s parents before heading to Colorado for some training. We’ll be with more family for most of August, but during all this time, we still have all sorts of details to arrange.

Along with being homeless, we have gotten rid of most of our belongings, especially the furniture. When we eventually get to our new home, most of the things that we have will be new to us. This might be exciting, but it can also be a big change to get used to, especially for the kids. I think of the other things that have changed for them. We won’t be going to the same places anymore. No playgroup with Mom on Wednesday mornings or swimming or gymnastics with the other kids on Thursdays. No more watching the seniors curl during the winter, or golfing with Dad during the summer. No going to Grumpy’s for ice cream or Tim Horton’s for “little donuts” as a special treat. No going to the Youth Center (where the church office is) to run around and play games. No going to the familiar playgrounds in town. No ringing the bell at “Country Church” or running around the Civic Center after “Library Church” (it’s next to the library).
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The kids will also miss many of their toys. Already, Zeke has had a few sad moments as he thought about enjoying a certain toy, and then realized that we have given it away or sold it in our garage sale. The memory of these things we’ve parted with will fade over time, but it’s still fresh now. And Jonah was just starting to look for our dog, Tobie, when we mentioned her. He was really starting to love her. At least we have found a good home for her. Since she’s 10 years old, it’s fitting that the home we found is a nursing home.

Of course, we can also look forward to new things: new parks, new places to explore, new friends to meet and play with. And during the summer we will be able to spend some good time with family before we leave. For almost a year now, Theo has prayed for Papa and Elmo (Mandy’s parents, it’s a long story) almost every time we pray, especially at meal time. I’m sure that spending a few weeks with them will only strengthen that prayer, so that is a plus in all of this.

One other benefit of being “homeless” is that it can remind us as Christians that this world is really not our home anyway. With all the changes in location and schedule it may be a challenge at times to fit in the important routines of the day, such as prayer, Bible reading, talking about what we are thankful for, and just playing together. But it’s also good to remember that as we do those things, we will be more connected to our true home, God’s home. And that home is the reason that we’re doing all this.

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Rev. Danny  and his wife Mandy are preparing to work in Africa with Lutheran Brethren International Mission (last name removed for online privacy concerns). They most recently served congregations in Saskatchewan. They are spending the summer in preparation and training, to be followed with a year in France, before moving to Africa with their children, Ezekiel, Theo and Jonah.


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