YW Mentoring Network – Next Steps

About 6 months ago I posted a short survey which wondered how our network of churches and youth workers might be able to help each other. Maybe you thought I forgot about that question but I haven’t. The responses to the survey were phenomenal. I had twice as many responses as any other survey and the feedback spoke loud and clear to what we might be able to do. Over 82% of those who answered asked for some sort of coaching network, 10% were unsure and 8% didn’t see the need. So, what did I do with all of that? I took all of the data and made some summary statements based on those responses and then sent a 17 page proposal to our regional pastors because my proposal called for some funding and I wanted their blessing. After they had time to consider it, they invited me to meet with them this past January. After meeting with them I now know what my next steps are. First up is to give this offering a name so here goes. The name is YMD which stands for Youth Ministry Development My next steps are to seek out a pilot church, to create some start up documents and to try to get the word out while aiming to share more about this at the CLB Convention in Fergus Falls this summer. Interested? Then read the rest of this to see what we are looking at doing. Does your church…

  • Have someone in the midst of it who could benefit from a veteran youth worker coming along side and mentoring them to strengthen their ministry?
  • Desire to have someone come alongside your church, students, and community to see how your church might begin an intentional youth ministry?

If that is how God is encouraging you we would love to have you consider working with us. We are seeking a pilot project to partner a veteran youth worker with. This youth worker would:

  1. Come on site for 2-5 days for multiple meetings with your pastor, leadership teams and parents and students. In addition they would work to offer any specific training offerings, to share what they do in their context, to help set up any needed processes, and to help lead an assessment of what God might be doing in your church
  2. They would communicate weekly with a key contact or leader from your church for the purposes of helping them to develop an action plan and to implement that plan via email and via telephone and at the end a one year period of time reconnect either in person or via conference call

If your church is ready to take the next steps, we would love to take those steps with you. Key ingredients asked of from the hosting church are:

  1. A dedicated lead contact
  2. Housing for the mentor youth worker while on site
  3. Transportation costs to bring the mentor youth worker on site
  4. An honorarium for the mentor youth worker (talk to your regional pastors or regional leadership to see if they might have resources to assist here if needed)
  5. Preliminary evaluation surveys completed

If you are in fact ready to take these next steps, we invite you to contact me, Mark Johannesen, to begin those next steps. Please feel free to email me at pastormark@wordoflifelbc.org or to call me at (952) 255-9572

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