International Mission


Heart Language

It’s been six weeks! Ahmed planted his field before the first rains, just like he does every year, but it has been six weeks since there has been any real rain. He has started to worry, and so have his neighbors. In fact the whole town is worried. If it does not rain soon, the

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Danny Bronson

Journey to Chad

‘Twas Christmas Day, and all through the house things were being packed up. With only four days left before our departure for Chad, the small artificial tree came down Christmas afternoon. Once again we were in the middle of the process of packing suitcases, deciding what we needed to get rid of, and what few

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Global + Local = Glocal

There is a fair amount of conversation today about the need for the local church to think of its ministry in much the same way that overseas missionaries think about theirs. Voices in mission today frequently refer to North America as the largest mission field in the western hemisphere. It is a little-known fact that

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The Szobodys

Missionary Update: A Tale of Two Children

One night we were settling down to sleep, enjoying the night breeze which offered relief from the long hot day, when Carrie and I heard the familiar greeting “Salam alekoum” right outside of our door. Two women had come to speak with us, robed in black, their head veils pulled down low over their faces.

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